Chris Hadfield – Space Oddity

You have less than half a day left to watch this video, then it is being taken down due to copyright laws. The world will be a slightly less magical place because of this!

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Chris HadfieldSpace Oddity.

Commander Chris Hadfield has taken a decent song by David Bowie, and transformed it into something magical. The song is a perfect fit for Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS, almost as if it were written for him all those years ago. The lyrics compliment the environment and the emotion of being aboard the ISS fantastically. The scenes accompanying the song enhance the wonder; Chris Hadfield is far above the world, he is sitting and floating in a tin can, and he is heading home to planet Earth.

For a little extra behind the scenes information about how the song came to be, check out The Emmbasy. Emm Gryner, who helped create the song, used to perform in Bowie’s band, and she helped bring this song to life.

Over at The Guardian, they have a collection of Chris Hadfield’s best tweets, photos…

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