AllTrials: Make Clinical Trials Count

Medicine is broken.

Thousands of clinical trials have not reported their results; some have not even been registered. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and trials being repeated. The contributions of the hundreds of thousands of patients who took part in those trials remain unused and unusable. 

All trials past and present should be registered, and the full methods and the results reported. 

Sign up to make clinical trials count. Public pressure is already changing regulations and getting past trials published in some countries. You and everyone you know can join it at and by sharing this video.” (YouTube)

I posted about AllTrials last year, and the campaign is just as relevant now as it was back then. Watch the video, discuss it, share it, and sign the petition.

We need to fix this. Onwards!

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