A Supercell Storm Cloud Forming Over Wyoming

How do supercell storm clouds form? Pictured above is a time-lapse video taken last Sunday detailing the formation of one such violent supercell in eastern WyomingUSA. Starting as part of a large and dark thunderstorm complex, the supercell comes together along with a large rotating updraft of air known as a mesocycloneMesocyclones form during rapid changes in wind speed and direction with height and can produce torrential raindamaging hailswirling winds, and sometimes tornadoes. Storm watchers are seen studying, imaging, and ultimately running from the developing storm cloud during the video. During the middle part of the video, the kilometer-wide supercell can be seen swirling ominously with a nearly flat bottom. Toward the end of the video, another swirling supercell cloud forms but then quickly dissipates.” (APOD)

This video is incredible. It’s the complete formation of a supercell over Wyoming. Look at the size of that thing! It literally takes your breath away at the sheer power of it.

I can imagine it would be epic to see one in real life. Onwards!

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