Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Oatmeal

The Oatmeal has created a brilliant comic for a magical space car – the Tesla Model S, from Tesla Motors. Read the comic, and marvel at how impressive the Model S is. If you don’t actually believe what is written, why not watch an official Tesla walkthrough for the car? It is madness at how space age the Model S appears, and so effortless as well!

If I lived in the US, I would love to get one of these cars. I guess I’d need the money first to buy one… but assuming I had that, this would be the car for me. Not only is the company named after the greatest geek who ever lived, but the whole idea of a super ninja magical electric space car really appeals to me.

So yes, I want one. Read The Oatmeal, check out the Tesla Model S for yourself, and then realise you want one too. Onwards!

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