3 Responses to 6 Myths Of Social Sharing

  1. shelldigger says:

    Somewhere in the top five list of: “What It Means To Be An Old Fogey”, there is the statement…I absolutely do not give a fuck about social networking!!

    Blogging is as close to social networking as I would like to get. Yes, I am becoming and old fogey. Now there must be some kids on my lawn that need yelling at…I need to put on my ribbed sleeveless “T’s” black shorts and tube socks to look the part.

    Oh, I caught myself seriously considering buying a set of dominoes the other day. This is hitting me quick!

    • Wedge7 says:

      Haha, I understand you entirely! Social networking is both a boon and a curse. In today’s modern world, you need some sort of online social networking to get anywhere, even if you despise using it.

  2. shelldigger says:

    Well, I had a FB account for an entire 3 days. My family kept on me, ‘to stay in touch” I found out in 3 days time there is a lot about my family I’d rather not know. Religious crap, political crap, and some inordinate fondness for those god damned captioned photos with some kind of religious/political, or sometime humorous theme. I had to Google how to kill a FB account, but I got it done. 🙂

    …as far as getting anywhere I have already left lol.

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