The Division

Tragedy hsa come to New York City. It’s hard to see something you love destroy itself and fall apart. But someone needs to be there to pick it up, to push back. Your purpose lies amongst all of this pain. You will have to fight, to save, to put it all back together. You are the hope of New York City.

Witness the beginning of the devastating outbreak that brought New York to ruin. Things look bleak, but we haven’t lost yet. There’s still time to protect those that remain and bring order to a destroyed world.” (YouTube)

I was incredibly impressed by The Division at last year’s E3, and this year, Ubisoft have released a new cinematic trailer for it, as well as a gameplay demo (shown below). I love the time lapse nature of the trailer, and the invisible people in it. These are the people trying to survive amidst a world gone mad, the people ignored. It’s up to you to take a stand and fight. Fight for the people, for freedom, for hope. I really like the trailer, and I reckon it sets the scene for The Division really well.

Below is the brand new gameplay demo, updated from last year.

Compared to last year, you get to see a few new tools in place, as well as different firefights. I really like the data-collecting ECHO tool, allowing you to reconstruct a scene from the past. The graphics are still super high quality, and they’ve improved the UI, making it a lot more streamlined and less cluttered. I love how destructible everything appears to be, from cars to bus stops to paint splattering everywhere when you shoot it. Plus, you automatically close car doors when you hide behind them! It’s the little details that count.

One fantastic piece of news concerning The Division is that it will now be released on PC! Last year, it was only planned for Xbox One and PS4, but Ubisoft heard the outcry from PC gamers, and they are porting the game to PC. Hurrah! Next thing to see is whether the graphics will remain as high as they do now in these demos when the game is released, or whether, through optimisation, they have to reduce it.

Here’s hoping the game lives up to the hype. Onwards!

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