10 Misunderstood Scientific Terms

scientist1There are several words in the scientific language that have a different meaning when scientists use them compared to what other people perceive them to mean.

Over at io9, they have a list of 10 scientific ideas that scientists wish you would stop misusing. Real scientists were asked which words and terms bugged them the most. I agree with them all, especially the one concerning what a scientific theory is. The 10 ideas are:

  1. Proof
  2. Theory
  3. Quantum uncertainty and quantum weirdness
  4. Learned vs. Innate
  5. Natural
  6. Gene
  7. Statistically significant
  8. Survival of the fittest
  9. Geologic timescales
  10. Organic

I have proof that a statistically significant natural theory of organic quantum uncertainty and learned vs. innate quantum weirdness will result in the survival of the fittest gene during geologic timescales. Onwards!

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