Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a new action roleplaying game set in the universe of The Lord of the Rings. It looks like a cross between Assassin’s Creed movement and Batman: Arkham City combat, which is awesome.

Above is a stage demo of the game, hosted by GameSpot at E3. Michael de Plater explains what is happening in the demo, concerning the villains, the combat, the nemesis system,  and missions, among other things. The living world and the nemesis system sounds amazing, and will make sure that each playthrough of the game will be totally unique. I love the combat mechanics and animations, especially the wraith mode. The ability to fluidly switch between normal and wraith combat looks great, especially when you shoot a wraith arrow to teleport to a foe and then lop their head off.

Below the break are two more stage demos of the game, again hosted by GameSpot. They delve deeper into the game, the story, and the mechanics, and provide a great insight into what the final game will be like. I know I’ve gone from “meh” on this game to “wow, I have to play this!” after seeing these stage demos.

What do you think of the game? Onwards!

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