The Comic Strip – Dirty Movie

Dirty Movie by The Comic Strip is a very funny short film, starring the recently passed away Rik Mayall, as well as Ade Edmondson, Dawn French, Nigel Planer, and Jennifer Saunders.

It follows Mr Bean the postman (Ade Edmondson), who, after doing his early morning rounds, decides to see his most favourite film, the Sound of Muzak, at 9am on a Monday morning. However, the cinema owner (Rik Mayall) has made plans to screen the film “Dirty Movie” instead, believing that no one would show up at the cinema. His long suffering wife has to go along with him. A couple of police officers have been ordered to crack down on this “filth” being shown. What follows is a highly random yet timelessly funny series of events. I love the music involved, as well as all the hilarious quotes they say.

There have been very many great shows starring Rik Mayall (Bottom, The Young Ones, and Blackadder immediately spring to mind), but I hadn’t heard of this series before, hence why I’m putting it up here.

Part 2 and part 3 are below the break.

It’s a funny name for a lobster. Onwards!

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