Electus: Days Of Enlightenment

This is an excellent concept trailer, created on a cheap budget by Shaun Rana, for an atheist science fiction film called Electus: Days of Enlightenment. In this dystopian future, there is one religion, the Supreme Architect’s religion, and if you don’t follow it, you are branded as an infidel, and hunted down and punished by Faithkeepers. From the looks of it, one of the Faithkeepers is losing her faith, and groups up with other infidels to take down the religious leaders.

Considering the budget, this is an excellent piece of film making, and really makes me want to see a full length version of it! I love the look of the future, and the outfits are amazing. Also hoverbikes, cos hoverbikes are cool.

Electus is a diabolical plague that enslaves good people into crippled followers. Much like today’s religion. Onwards!

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