The 100 Best Science Fiction Movies

GRAVITYWhat do you think are the 100 best science fiction films?

Time Out has a fantastic compilation of their 100 best sci-fi movies, as chosen by leading sci-fi experts, filmmakers, science fiction writers, film critics, and scientists.

There is little doubt that science fiction is big business in film making. Many of cinema’s summer blockbusters have science fiction elements in them, be that aliens, monsters, robots, superheroes, or even dystopian futures. But it’s not only blockbusters, as smaller indie films often have surprising science fiction elements to them.

Alongside the top 100 films, Time Out explore who voted for the films, why 1977 was the most important year for science fiction, and they give the lowdown on the most gruesome deaths in science fiction films.

There’s also a checklist of the top 100 films, allowing you to easily find out how many you’ve actually watched. For me, it’s just under half, which isn’t bad going. There are many older films which I haven’t watched, and really should get round to one day.

I think there are a few omissions from the list, with one that easily springs to mind being The World’s End. I also reckon District 9 and Gravity should both be higher up the list, but hey ho.

Do you agree with the list? Any films not on there that you feel should be? Onwards!

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