Didcot Towers Demolition

Didcot Towers DemolitionThree massive cooling towers at Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire were brought down in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Having lived in Oxfordshire all my life, these towers have been a constant blot on the landscape, and I’m happy that half of them have now gone (three towers still remain).

The BBC have a good article on the Didcot towers demolition, with a video and several pictures. Another couple of videos can be found here and here, with the crowd reactions to the demolition. Amazement, disbelief, and speechlessness seem to be the name of the game! Not that I can blame them; it’s rather impressive seeing the demolition on video, so I can imagine seeing it in the flesh is even more spectacular.

There are many videos on YouTube of demolitions gone wrong, but this one went perfectly. The towers collapsed straight down, didn’t list to one side, and there didn’t seem to be too much dust created either. The other three cooling towers will come down next year, and the whole site will be cleared up by 2016.

As a little bonus, below the break is a funny video of collapsing cooling towers where the towers about to be demolished have been given arms and faces. The expressions are rather funny to observe.

Onwards (downwards?)!

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