Adorbs New Words Added To – WDYT?

adorbsWe don’t mean to humblebrag, but the August update to is bare good and nailed on to interest and impress you. Throw an air punch or have a bro hug (don’t be cray and throw shade or show us the side-eye); be a baller and join the hyperconnected vocabulary fandom and read on to discover which new words from the worlds of popular culture, technology, the news, and more have been added to” ( blog)

So starts a great little article about the new words added to the Oxford Dictionary this month. It’s pretty amazeballs that so many new words have been added, more so when the majority of them seem just slang. But apparently, slang is now the new cool, and so these words are now official. I like that vax and anti-vax are now in there, as well as binge-watch and ICYMI.

Which is your favourite new word? Onwards!

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