Zombies Vs. Wildlife

Zombie vs BirdsI’m in the process of (finally) watching Season 4 of The Walking Dead, and pretty much all I think about when I watch it is how inaccurate it is.

Obviously, there are zombies, but that’s not what bothers me. It’s not even the dodgy decisions the characters make. Those I can both understand. No, what really bothers me is the wildlife. It is there. You can hear it and see it in every episode.

And yet it does nothing. If there was a zombie outbreak, and humans were as inept as they are in The Walking Dead, then surely the wildlife would take care of the zombie problem for them. Nature would deal with a zombie outbreak in a brutal and rapid manner, leaving the humans time to have a cup of tea and go to sleep safely.

Boingboing have an excellent article up about just such a thing, detailing the various North American animals that would decimate zombies without a second thought. These range from birds (vultures, crows, ravens, and eagles), to mammals (bears, wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, even moose, bison, elk, and mountain goats), to reptiles (crocodiles, alligators, turtles). Even if birds, mammals, and reptiles failed, then insects (decomposers) and microorganisms would utterly destroy zombies.

That is why The Walking Dead is inaccurate. The wildlife would kill all the zombies before they ever got near to humans. Unfortunately, humans are killing wildlife at an alarming rate, thereby reducing our natural defences against a zombie apocalypse before it’s even started. Ho hum.


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3 Responses to Zombies Vs. Wildlife

  1. Mark Stanley says:

    Ok, I see your point. A bear would certainly do some damage to a zombie! But, would the bear turn into a zombie from eating the zombie meat? Then we would have zombie bears wandering around, that’s scary.

  2. shelldigger says:

    The thing that always got me is the fact that every living organism is an energy system. Energy in, energy out, and a waste removal system to take care of the rest. If a zombie is dead, then its system is no longer functioning. What it eats, is not being digested and converted. It is im-frigging- posssible for them to wander aimlessly for eternity without some caloric intake (brains)/ digestive process. Here is a question for you…ever see a zombie take a dump?

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like the show, for the most part. But there is always some hollywood assertion in the movies that is just kind of hard to take at face value. At least for this old cynic. I guess you just have to turn off your brain to watch movies/tv. Hey wait a minute that means we are the zombies!

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