Survival vs Mortality Rates

Almost every time someone wants to proclaim the US to be the “best in the world” in health care, they point to survival rates. Those refer to the percent of people who live a certain amount of time after they’ve been diagnosed with a disease. But there are real problems in using survival rates to compare the quality of care across systems. The metric people should be using is mortality rates. And when we compare mortality rates, we don’t look nearly as good. Why is this important? Glad you asked. We answer in this week’s episode.” (YouTube)

An really informative video by Healthcare Triage describing the difference between survival rates and mortality rates. It’s vital to understand what each of these terms mean, and why looking at the mortality rate of people suffering from a particular disease is far more useful and important than looking at the survival rate over, say, a five year period.

If I had to be treated for a disease, I’d rather see the mortality rates than the survival rates. Onwards!

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