The ESO Observatories: Atacama Transitions And Landscapes Under The Southern Sky

This is a simply superb piece of time lapse photography, taken by Christoph Malin. It is set at the ESO Observatories in the Atacama Desert, which is known for its super clear night skies.

And what skies they are! It’s breathtaking seeing the transition from day to night, and witnessing all the stars come alive. Not only stars, but a whole host of other astronomical phenomena, including the Milky Way and meteors, as well as the observatories themselves (like ALMA). Over at Slate, Phil Plait gives a thorough rundown of what happens in the video.

My favourite things to observe are, first and foremost, seeing the Milky Way galaxy and the stars appear in the night sky as the sun disappears. I get goosebumps each time it happens! I also love seeing the meteors flash through the sky, especially the ones that start behind the camera and zoom off into the horizon.

Absolutely beautiful. Onwards!

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