Airline Cancellations Are Always Bad, Right? Wrong.

Airplane Route MapIt’s horrible when your flight gets cancelled. All the excitement and preparation go out the window, and you’re left feeling angry, resentful, and frustrated.

So why are flights cancelled? Is it purely for the airline companies to save money? The short answer is no. The longer answer can be found over at New Republic, with a fascinating article on flight cancellations, why they do it, when they do it, and how to avoid being screwed over by it. The general gist is that they cancel certain flights to prevent wider cancellations and delays. Our sky is busy, so minimising delay is key. It… actually makes sense when you read about it, and the advice it gives about rebooking is valuable too (don’t just wait in line; call or use the website to find another flight faster).

So remember, if your (cheap) flight got cancelled, there’s probably a good reason for it. Onwards!

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