Assassin’s Creed Unity – Parkour & Trailers

This is a great video of parkouring around Paris, dressed as assassins from Assassin’s Creed Unity. There’s some pretty impressive moves, and the running along the rooftops is very cool. I really like the costumes too, it’s all very professionally done. Of course it’s all one big advert for AC Unity, but it also looks like the runners are having a great time doing it.

Below the break are a few more videos. The first is the Arno Master Assassin CG Trailer, which shows off more free running and jumping around on rooftops, along with plenty of fighting and a mysterious Templar lady. Very intriguing stuff.

The second video, Paris Horizon GamesCom Trailer, shows the lush environments and gorgeous detail of Paris during the French Revolution. “In Assassin’s Creed Unity all of Paris is your playground. From the skyward reaching spires of Notre Dame to the to the tunnels and slums inhabited by the city’s less fortunate you can run, climb, and leap from nearly any surface. Follow Arno as he traverses the rooftops, streets, and back alleys of French Revolution era Paris all brought to life in breathtakingly intricate detail made possible by the next gen Anvil engine.” (YouTube)

The final video is a commentated solo demo of a small slice of the single player campaign. “Discover Assassin’s Creed® Unity’s new single-player commented walkthrough revealed at GamesCom 2014! In this new story mission Arno has to assassinate Sivert, a templar’s henchman. Spy on your enemies around and inside the breathtaking replica of Notre-Dame, infiltrate the cathedral and run away by the catacombs.” (YouTube). I like the variety of options available to you, allowing you to do the mission how you want. It’s also cool to see more gameplay of the game.

All very exciting. Onwards!

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