Climate Change 2014 – Why Not Now?

Our climate is changing, and we’re responsible for it. Despite the huge environmental, economical, and personal cost that a changing climate will have, our leaders are slow to react. Why do they stick with fossil fuels? Why not change to renewable energies?

The UN Climate Summit 2014 was held last month, and a lot of hope came from. What follows below is a bevy of links to different sites related to the UN Climate Summit 2014 and climate change in general. I did a similar thing last year, for 24 Hours of Climate Reality.

I started this post with an excellent video by the future generation, with several kids asking “Why? Why Not?” to their leaders. Full videos and more from each of the millennials can be found over at the Climate Reality Project site.

Before the UN Climate Summit 2014, a huge march (New Scientist) was held in New York City and around the world (The Guardian), to promote awareness of climate change (New Scientist) and to galvanise the President and other world leaders into action, amid dwindling hopes (Nature) of keeping warming at bay. We’re on course for our predicted worse-case warming scenario (New Scientist), in part due to a lack of political will (The Ecologist), despite the fact that we have a the means to slow this down, even halt it (The Hill).

However, the UN Climate Summit 2014 was a success, with many countries pledging to tackle climate change. The summit opened with a film, “What’s Possible“, narrated by Morgan Freeman “Presented to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this short inspirational film shows that climate change is solvable. We have the technology to harness nature sustainably for a clean, prosperous energy future, but only if we act now. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it calls on the people of the world to insist leaders get on the path of a livable climate and future for humankind.“(YouTube, Take Part)

A summary of the UN Climate Summit 2014 by Ban Ki-moon can be found here. A main summary in PDF form is here. More detailed information available in PDF form can be found about Finance, Forests, Cities, Agriculture, Industry, Renewable Energy, and Transport. A great summary, including a map, of who promised what can be seen over at Mashable. President Obama’s speech is worth listening too, with a full fact sheet of US action found here. Further summaries of the summit can be found over at ITV News, Nature, and The Washington Post. In all, the UN Climate Summit 2014 gave the world hope, but there is a long way to go to fix our climate.

So why not start fixing it now? Onwards!

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