CERN And The Rise Of The Standard Model

Curiosity is as old as humankind, and it is CERN’s raison d’être. When the Laboratory was founded, the structure of matter was a mystery. Today, we know that all visible matter in the Universe is composed of a remarkably small number of particles, whose behaviour is governed by four distinct forces. CERN has played a vital role in reaching this understanding.
Have we reached the end of the road in understanding nature?
Far from it. There is still much to learn about the Higgs boson, the messenger of the Brout-Englert-Higgs field, and many other puzzles remain about how and why matter in the Universe is the way it is.” (YouTube)

CERN recently turned 60, and they have produced a few videos to celebrate that fact. They’re fascinating to listen to as well as watch, as they include great historical images and videos. Here’s to another 60 (and more!) years of curious minds and great discoveries. Onwards!

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