Five Fallacies – PBS Digital Studios

Arguing on the internet, everyone’s favorite pastime! But unfortunately, some people don’t do it very well — or at least they could do it better. You owe it to them (and yourself!) to help them out and make their claims and/or arguments less fallacious. In doing so, you’ll increase the quality of discourse between the both of you, perhaps even helping you finally figure out DEEP QUESTIONS like “WHAT IS LOVE” and “WHY IS SRIRACHA SO DANG TASTY.” Educate yourself and your fellow internet commenters in this week’s Idea Channel episode.” (YouTube)

An interesting and amusing video by PBS Digital Studios about five different and common fallacies used when arguing on the internet. The five fallacies explained are: the straw man fallacy; the ad hominem fallacy; the black and white fallacy; the authority fallacy; and the no true Scotsman fallacy.

These fallacies are useful for everyone to know. Onwards!

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