The Top 101 Astronomical Events To Watch For In 2015

shadow-saturnNow in its seventh year of compilation and the second year running on Universe Today, we’re proud to feature our list of astronomical happenings for the coming year. Print it, bookmark it, hang it on your fridge or observatory wall. Not only is this the yearly article that we jokingly refer to as the “blog post it takes us six months to write,” but we like to think of it as unique, a mix of the mandatory, the predictable and the bizarre. It’s not a 10 ten listicle, and not a full-fledged almanac, but something in between.” (Universe Today)

This is only the first year I’ve seen this, and wish I’d known of it in previous years. It’s the top 101 astronomical events to watch for in 2015, in date order. There are many events that you will need a telescope for, but also some that will be visible with the naked eye. If you’re a budding astronomer, this list is well worth keeping an eye on.

Are you planning on heading outside to observe the stars this year? Onwards!

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