Throwback Thursday #1

RawwwrI’m going to try something new each Thursday. Over the course of maintaining this blog, I have developed a huge backlog of articles and links I found interesting at the time, but never got round to actually writing about. To remedy that, I’ve created Throwback Thursday, where I’ll just be posting links to these random articles from the past few years, with only a little detail added to each. We’ll see if I make it through 2015 doing this each week! Bear in mind, there will be little to no connection between each link, other than where they appear in my bookmarks menu. To start this series off, we have the very small and the very large.

  • New Scientist published a short video and article on HIV as you’ve never seen it before, showing a detailed 3D-model of the virus.
  • The BBC had an article on how the classic ‘life chemistry’ experiment still excites, explaining how hydrogen sulphide may have potentially led to life on Earth, whilst also showing the famous Miller’s experiment.
  • Back in 2011, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano violently erupted, and the BBC had a video of it.
  • Sticking with large natural events in 2011, The Guardian have an explanation of why earthquakes happen. This was in response to the dreadful earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan in March 2011.

I’ll leave it at that for this first Throwback Thursday. Expect more of the same next week. Onwards!

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