Throwback Thursday #5

Black HoleThis week’s Throwback Thursday is all about black holes. As a reminder, these posts are not exhaustive by any means, but just contain old posts that I found interesting at the time, but never got round to posting about.

Powerful cosmic blast as black hole shreds star” (BBC) talks about how astronomers have caught sight of a star being consumed by a black hole.

Two record-breaking black hole behemoths spotted” (Discovery) details the discovery of two simply huge black holes, 2000 times more massive than the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

Supermassive black hole will “eat” gas cloud” (BBC), in which a giant gas cloud is slowly being eaten by a black hole.

New Scientist have an interview with Dan Marrone, and how he wants to be the first person to take a picture of a black hole.

With the recent release of Interstellar, there was a renewed interest in black holes. There’s an interesting video about how the crew went about building a black hole (below), and Nature published an article on how merging black holes cast a kaleidoscope of shadows.

That’s it for this week on black holes. There’s obviously a lot more information out there, but these few articles are ones I found interesting at the time. Onwards!

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