Four Years

RawwwrFour years. Four whole years (plus a couple of days because I forgot to post this… ahem) of Richer Ramblings. That’s rather crazy.

As per previous years, here are some site statistics for those interested:

  • 1,415 posts
  • 6,140 tags

I’m still enjoying posting here, so will continue to do so until this doesn’t satisfy me any more. As it is, you can expect more of the same; music twice a week, various ramblings concerned with science, trailers and information for games I’m interested in, and random stuff all over the place. I find it quite interesting to go back through previous years to see what I’ve posted, and I’m re-discovering old posts all the time. They give me several “oh yeah, I remember posting that, that’s cool!” moments, which I guess is a good thing!

I would like to thank everyone who visits here, and hope that you’re enjoying yourselves. Here’s to the next year. Onwards!

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