Tempest Vermilion

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona hosts some of the most unique landscapes on the planet, from the red iron oxide cliffs of its namesake, to the Jurassic-era petrified sandstone of White Pocket. This area features what some have described as “brain rocks” and “cauliflower rocks,” possibly formed through earthquakes after the landscape was lithified from sand into rock. White Pocket sees very few visitors, due to an hour-long drive by strenuous sand roads often impassable due to rain and snow.” (Vimeo)

Stunningly beautiful time lapse video by Sunchaser Pictures. Gorgeous scenery, the magical Milky Way, and a powerful tempest all combine together into a thrilling piece of art.

Wonderful stuff. Onwards!

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2 Responses to Tempest Vermilion

  1. abyssbrain says:

    Nice. Those views are beautiful.

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