Throwback Thursday #9

Welcome to Good Job. Our new show where we look at the well known, and not so well known jobs in the video game industry. Today we’re talking to the guys from Wabi Sabi Sound where they show us some of the ridiculous monster sound effects they’re able to make using just their voices (and some studio magic). Their motto: If you can’t find the creature, be the creature.” (YouTube)

This week’s Throwback Thursday concerns old articles I saved that are all about video games. First up, an interesting video about creating game sounds, especially monster sounds. It’s all about the power of the human voice coupled with some technomagic.

From sounds and technology to weights and measures. Kotaku wrote a scientifically accurate article all about weight, speed, and momentum, focusing on three games: Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Assassin’s Creed, respectively. Using mathematics and physics, they ponder whether the scenarios depicted in those three games are feasible or not (answer? Definitely not).

Something else that is definitely not feasible, but is super cool nonetheless (as well as being every gamer’s ultimate wish), is owing your very own Portal gun. Jason Craft and his friends created a fantastic fan video about owning a Portal gun, named Terminal Velocity. It’s pretty much accurate.

More fan-made videos next, this time an interactive Mass Effect film, entitled “Mass Effect: Assignment“. There’s a small interview with the creators over at Wired. There film was made on a budget of nothing, by fans of the series, and I think it’s really rather well done. Adding the Paragon and Renegade options is a really neat touch.

Moving on from videos to art, more specifically, Into the Pixel, an exhibition of the art of the video game. You’ll be able to find plenty of gorgeous pieces of artwork from a wide range of genres, spanning over a decade. Some truly outstanding prints are shown.

That’ll be it for this week. Sound, physics, films, and art, all from the joyous realm of video games. Onwards!

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