Sex By Numbers

scientist1It’s no secret that Brits are pretty shy about sharing their bedroom behaviours. But for most of us, this only makes the truth more tantalising. In 1990, Natsal began – Britain’s National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.

They are the largest scientific studies of sex in the world to date, lifting the lid on the sex lives of over 45,000 people. Professor David Spiegelhalter has explored this data and more in his book, Sex by Numbers, that accompanies the Wellcome Collection’s Sexology Season. Scroll down for a look through the window into the world of sex…” (Sex By Numbers)

Sex is a funny old thing. People do it, yet share so little about it. The website Sex By Numbers, a part of the Wellcome Collection’s Sexology Season, offers a sneak peek into the sex lives of over 45,000 people. It provides several graphs detailing different facts about sex, such as how often people do it, how many partners they’ve had, and what types of sex they’ve participated in, as well as changes in attitudes to sex over time.

It’s an interesting and enlightening piece of work, and worth looking at. Onwards!

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