Throwback Thursday #10 – Fukushima

A year ago, three nuclear reactors melted down at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. Nature Video takes a look at the ongoing efforts to stabilize the reactors and prevent the spread of further contamination.” (YouTube)

It’s been four years and one day since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Fukushima and Japan. Today’s Throwback Thursday will focus on Fukushima, and the aftermath of the natural disaster.

Nature had quite a few articles, including the video above, as well as a portal to all things related to Fukushima, earthquakes, and the nuclear crisis. A year after the event, they posted a Fukushima reports redux, rounding up information about the the disaster. A year after that, another in depth article, entitled “Fukushima: Fallout of fear“, was released, assessing the psychological impacts of the radiation on the people of Japan.

Both Scientific American and the BBC reported on the event a year after it happened, with a detailed timeline of the year, and images of then and now, respectively. The images on the BBC page are especially striking. Finally, to get all the latest updates about Fukushima, head over to Fukushima Update.

A terrible disaster that people are still suffering from today, and will continue to be affected by for decades to come. Onwards.

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