Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

SE2015Mar20TNo Throwback Thursday this week. Instead, links to lots of useful information about tomorrow morning’s solar eclipse!

First up, a complete guide to the March 20th total solar eclipse can be found over at Universe Today.

ITV News has a guide on how to safely view the solar eclipse, and they make a good point about the use of mobile phones.

New Scientist also has a lot of information about tomorrow’s solar eclipse, including why it’s special and whether dragons will be involved.

Finally, BBC iWonder has even more information on how to view the solar eclipse safely.

In short, remember: do NOT look directly at the sun, unless you’re wearing special eclipse glasses, and do NOT look directly at the sun through your phone / binoculars / telescope /  mirrors / etc. Do make sure to experience this solar eclipse though, and use special equipment to view it properly. Afterall, it’ll be a while before we see something like this again. Onwards!

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