Earth During A Total Eclipse Of The Sun


What does the Earth look like during a total solar eclipse? It appears dark in the region where people see the eclipse, because that’s where the shadow of the Moon falls. The shadow spot actually shoots across the Earth at nearly 2,000 kilometers per hour, darkening locations in its path for only a few minutes before moving on. The featured image shows the Earth during the total solar eclipse of 2006 March, as seen from the International Space Station. On Friday the Moon will move in front of the Sun once again, casting another distorted circular shadow that, this time, will zip over part of the north Atlantic Ocean.” (APOD)

Today’s solar eclipse came and went. For some people, it was glorious. For much of the UK, it was unfortunately hidden behind cloud. I went outside and saw the monotone clouds obscuring the sun, but didn’t get to see the eclipse itself. I saw the light dim, I felt the air grow cold, but that was it. Ho hum, there’s always next time!

The above image from APOD shows what a solar eclipse looks like from space: a monstrous black shadow speeding across the Earth. That is what it would have looked like today in northern Europe. Today’s APOD image shows a different perspective, detailing the moon with sunshine and Earthshine upon it, which I thought was pretty cool.

Did you manage to personally witness the solar eclipse? If so, lucky you! Onwards!

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