Throwback Thursday #12

Dear Life Form

After last week’s down-to-Earth living in Brighton special Throwback Thursday, this week we take the stars. I can’t remember where I got the above image from (probably Twitter), but it’s awesome.

Around our planet, we have one moon (you may have been lucky enough to witness it blocking out the sun a couple of weeks ago). However, we may once have had two moons (BBC), which unfortunately collided with our current moon, creating the large crater there.

Aboard the ISS, several astronauts are busy doing science experiments and keeping the space station operational. In their down time, many of them take photographs of Earth. Chris Hadfield made it famous, but a few astronauts did it before him, including André Kuipers. He took several awesome photos from Earth’s orbit (Wired).

Concerning photographs of the Earth, The Guardian ran a piece on a month in space, showing gorgeous photos of a stranded probe, a Martian volcano, and space trash, among other things. A truly wonderful set of images.

Of course, one thing missing from those images is extraterrestrial life. That’s where SETI comes in. Although it may seem expensive to run, there is a great infographic depicting how much it would cost to run SETI for a year compared to various other things (Bad Astronomy).

Assuming we find extraterrestrial intelligence, how would we reach it? By using the spaceships of the future, of course! Science fiction illustrators have a wealth of images of futuristic spaceships; should we design new ones based on these (BBC)?

If all else fails, we can just use a six metre tall Lego rocket to get where we’re going. Onwards!

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