Throwback Thursday #14 – Magic

Today’s Throwback Thursday is all about magic, science, and mathematics. Above is a fantastic video showing a little wooden automata performing magic, created by Per Helldorff. Using a simple turning lever, a ball appears to teleport before your eyes. I mean, it could just be a clever use of magnets… but I prefer to think that the ball is actually teleporting.

Next up, Wired had an article on why magicians are a scientist’s best friend. It talks about how scientists should think more like magicians (or even make friends with a magician) so as not to be fooled by other people. It’s an interesting point.

Sticking with science and magic, The Guardian wrote about how magicians are teaching brain researchers new tricks. Neuroscientists can learn a lot from magicians and magic tricks, concerning how the brain can be so easily fooled. More on neuroscience and magic can be found in a video over at boingboing. Luigi Anzivino shows the six fundamental principles of magic, and shows how it ties into neuroscience, giving several other examples.

Moving onto magic and mathematics now, and The Guardian explains a classic card trick – Fitch Cheney’s Five-Card Twist. It really shows how mathematics and science are the fundamental reasons behind magic tricks. There’s even a whole book (The Manual of Mathematical Magic) dedicated to explaining the maths behind magic, and teaching you how to perform certain tricks.

Finally for this week, something totally unrelated to science or mathematics, and hardly magic either, we have: the Magic Beard

Are you watching closely? Onwards!

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