Throwback Thursday #15

It’s that time of the week again! Throwback Thursday is back, so let’s get stuck in. First up, a speedy, trippy, Google Street View Hyperlapse video. This is cool, speeding along various roads and landscapes, but becomes great with the way the camera spins around, creating different views of the world we know.

The above video shows some beautiful views, but one thing it doesn’t show are lakes. The Guardian has a great collection of images from one of the clearest lakes in the world, found in New Zealand. It really is rather stunning.

From hyperlapses to crystal clear lakes, we move on to the random images Google Street View wasn’t expecting you to see (The Guardian). These include a teleporting old man, a hiding child, and a full moon.

Over at TinyWrld, they have a huge collection of videos that show “A mosaic of our tiny world made out of really cool travel videos, time lapses, tilt-shifts, slow motions, stop motions, hyper lapses.” An example time lapse video is this one of Seoul. I also like the way you can go to random videos. Very cool indeed.

More random videos now, this time of flowing carbonatite lava. Remember, this is actual lava, not just mud spewing.

From spewing lava in remote places, all the way back to New York. I’ll finish this post off with a time lapse video “Mindrelic“, which is all about Manhattan in motion. It’s a truly fantastic piece of art, and incredible to see just how busy Manhattan is. 


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