Tesla: PowerWall And Oslo To London For €5

1,300 miles in an electric car in two and a bit days. In February 2015, Robert Llewellyn drove a Tesla Model S P85 from Oslo, Norway, to London, England. This is what happened.” (YouTube)

Robert Llewellyn previously tested out the Tesla Model S on a road trip from London to Edinburgh. This time, he’s gone a bit mental and driven from Oslo all the way to London, in a Tesla Model S P85 (a slightly upgraded version of the Model S). In total, the entire cost for fuel was €5, thanks to the Superchargers located all along the route. I like these videos, and wish this one was a little longer.

For a lengthy review of the Tesla Model S, the Edinburgh News Motors section has a pretty decent one. It begins with a simple quote: Tesla will change the way you view cars of any kind. They are that good. The review goes in depth, talking about all aspects of the car, good and bad.

Now onto PowerWall, Tesla’s new innovation. Tesla is not just an automotive company, it’s an energy innovation company, and Tesla Energy is the start in enabling zero emission power generation. Just like the Tesla Model S revolutionised electric cars, I’m sure Tesla Energy will do the same for power generation. The next few years will be fascinating to observe. Here is the full keynote speech by Elon Musk.


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