Industrial Robot Vs Sword Master

Japanese sword masters are impressively skilled, able to accurately slice an orange in half and perform precise cuts on their target. The sword technique, Iaijyutsu, is cultivated from ancient times, and requires many years of practice to perfect. Yaskawa Electric Corporation, manufacturer of industrial robots, has created Motoman-MH24, a robot with the ability to precisely move in any direction. Using motion capture, the team at Yaskawa analysed the movement of five-time world record holder Isao Machii, an Iaijyutsu master, in 3D, and reproduced those movements with their industrial robot Motoman.

The result? Scarily precise robotic sword cuts, mimicking the master perfectly. I don’t know whether it’s a good idea to be teaching robots how to fight with swords, but nonetheless, the video is very cool to watch. The slicing of the pea pod in half is immense. Onwards!

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