6 Words That Everyone Pronounces Wrong

EspressoThere are some words which people have a tendency to mispronounce over and over again. Over at Oxford Dictionaries Blog, they have a collection of six words that everyone pronounces wrong. These are:

  1. Espresso
  2. Sherbet
  3. Prescription
  4. Comptroller
  5. Nuclear
  6. Quinoa

I know I’m guilty of mispronouncing a couple of these. For a long time, I said eXpresso rather than eSpresso, and kee-no-ah rather than keen-wah for quinoa. It’s true about sherbet and prescription as well; I pronounce them like it mentions in the blog, with a second R in sherbet and as “pruh” at the start of prescription.

The description of nuclear is amusing to read as well. Onwards!

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