The Not-Planets

The Not Planets

Montage by Emily Lakdawalla. The Moon: Gari Arrillaga. Other data: NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/SwRI/UCLA/MPS/IDA. Processing by Ted Stryk, Gordan Ugarkovic, Emily Lakdawalla, and Jason Perry.

With the recent flyby of Pluto, Emily Lakdawalla has created this fantastic scale comparison between the so-called Not-Planets; those celestial bodies that are in our solar system and are of a similar size. This is an excellent way to show how small Pluto actually is, and hence why it got demoted to a dwarf planet.

However, despite not being planets, these worlds are undoubtedly worth exploring and learning more about, just like we have with Pluto. In fact, many of them may even be more interesting than the other seven planets that everyone knows the names of. Head over to the Planetary Society to learn more about these moons.

Our solar system is filling up, and it’s a glorious time to be an adventurer. Onwards!

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