SDCC 2015 – Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

New SDCC 2015 trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It looks… destruction-y. Just like Man of Steel, there appears to be an awful lot of things getting destroyed here. I know DC Comics is going for a much more gritty and “realistic” superhero franchise (compared to Marvel), which is good in its own way, but I’m still not entirely convinced by this film. I’ll undoubtedly go and see it, but will wait for reviews first. I just feel that too much is being crammed into one film, what with the introduction of Batman and how he came to be, the introduction of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the introduction of Lex Luther…

Warner Bros. Pictures seem to be creating this franchise the opposite way to how Marvel did it. In Marvel’s case, they started with a great film (Iron Man), then went on to introduce other superheroes in their own films (Captain America, Thor, Hulk), then brought them all together in The Avengers Assemble. From then on, each individual superhero’s film has had crossovers with other films, creating a wonderful, cohesive, believable cinematic universe. It makes sense to do it this way, building up each character slowly and allowing the audience to get to grips with them, before bringing them all together as The Avengers. Marvel have even got their own successful TV show in Agents of S.H.I.EL.D., which occasionally guest stars the big names from the movies.

Now in Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ sake, they’ve done the opposite. We’ve already had one Superman film (Man of Steel), which makes no reference at all to the rest of the DC universe. Now, we’re having the “big” film (The Avengers equivalent), Batman v Superman, and they have to introduce all these new characters into the franchise in one bloated film. DC Comics have successfully created two great TV shows (Arrow and The Flash) which crossover brilliantly and have been running for several seasons, so they know how to do crossovers in TV at least.

I just hope that Dawn of Justice gets the justice it deserves, and is actually a good film, leading to the spawning of further DC comics films. If they can tie together Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow into the films as well, that would be epic.

The red capes are coming. Onwards!

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