20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World

alan-turingMathematicians don’t get enough credit for how much they have changed the world. Literally everything we do in the modern world is the result of one mathematician or the other.

Over at Business Insider, they have a great list of 20 mathematicians who changed the world. The earliest member on the list is Euclid of Alexandria, an ancient Greek mathematician, who was among the first to formalise mathematical proofs. If you studied maths at school, you will undoubtedly recognise a few of the other names, namely Newton and Pascal. The recent film The Imitation Game was all about the World War 2 codebreaker Alan Turing, the father of modern computing. Also on the list are several statisticians, as well as others involved in the development of computers and computer programmes.

It’s really interesting reading about these famous mathematicians you probably haven’t heard of, and it’s great to highlight their importance to the modern world. Onwards!

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