The True Purpose Of Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts And FreeCell

MinesweeperSolitaire. Minesweeper. Hearts. FreeCell.

All games that came bundled with Microsoft Windows, and all of them are supremely addictive in their “one-more-game” capacity.

What’s really interesting though is that none of them were included to be purely played as a game. They were all included to actually teach you something; namely, how to control the mouse (Mental Floss). Solitaire is designed as a drag-and-drop game, whilst Minesweeper teaches you how to left and right click, as well as use precision pointing and speed. Hearts was a way to get people interested in networking capabilities, and FreeCell was a stealth test of software systems.

I’m a big fan of Minesweeper (it’s one of my go-to games on my mobile!), and I remember when I was younger that I spent a lot of time trying to master the game. Which is your favourite game of the four? Onwards!

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