Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

How Sleep Protects The Brain

Are you getting enough sleep? Most likely not, but even if you are, are you sleeping naturally?

The above image, from Scientific American, was created by Dwayne Godwin and drawn by Jorge Cham, of PHD Comics fame, and briefly explains why sleep is required for us to function correctly.

BBC iWonder has two interesting interactive articles about sleep, both of which make you think about how you sleep. The first, “Are you getting enough sleep?“, talks about just that. It describes the sleep cycle, what’s keeping you awake, and why power naps are awesome. The second article, “Which five things ruin a good night’s sleep?“, explains how noise, irregular routines, temperature, stimulating food and drink, and a busy mind all contribute to keeping you awake.

Finally, there’s the myth of the eight-hour sleep (BBC). It’s more natural to sleep for four hours, then be awake and active for a couple of hours, then head back to sleep for another four hours. The article delves into the history of how people slept, and what caused us to start this eight-hour sleep pattern in the first place.

Feeling sleepy yet? Onwards!

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