How Not To Be Ignorant About The World

How much do you know about the world? Hans Rosling, with his famous charts of global population, health and income data (and an extra-extra-long pointer), demonstrates that you have a high statistical chance of being quite wrong about what you think you know. Play along with his audience quiz — then, from Hans’ son Ola, learn 4 ways to quickly get less ignorant.” (YouTube)

Humorous and informative TED talk by Hans Rosling and his son, Ola. Play along with the quiz at the start and see how ignorant you are about the world, then learn how to change yourself and become less ignorant. They are both involved in their Gapminder Foundation, providing a fact-based view of the world.

The four hints to being less ignorant are: most things improve; most people are in the middle (a dromedary, not a camel); the majority already have things; and sharks kill few people. These hints should make you more likely to beat the chimps in multiple choice questions!

Hans Rosling did his own similar talk at CGI U 2015, and it’s equally fascinating. It is similar to the talk above, and can be seen below: 

I am really impressed by Hans’ presentations. The way he clearly gets his points across, with the help of audience participation (and a zoo with chimps) is interesting to watch. It’s definitely worthwhile to shed your pre-conceived notions of the world, and open your mind to a more fact-based world view, as this can only be beneficial to everyone.

Awesome talks. Onwards!

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