Junior Doctor Smashes Jeremy Hunt’s Media Lies #ImInWorkJeremy

Clear, concise, informative, and excellent response by a junior doctor to Jeremy Hunt’s contract. It’s getting harder and harder to trust anything our Government and our media tells us, which is an incredibly sad thing to say. Our NHS is great, but is being constantly chipped at and dismantled, and will soon be gone and privatised. These doctors want to help people and save lives, but if they can’t afford to live and have a life themselves in this country, why would they bother staying?

It’s hard not to feel utterly demoralised by what the Tories and the media are doing, and this has been going on for years. Listen to the doctors, and not the media. Onwards.

EDIT: A Letter for Jeremy Hunt, by Dr Nima Ghadiri. Like I said, listen to the doctors.

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