Macro Video Of Iridescent Soap Bubbles

Take a closer look at soap bubbles, did you ever notice how colorful and vivid they can be? We captured iridescent soap bubbles close enough so that you can see all the trippy, psychedelic and crazy colors. At times it looks like a rainbow, and at others, like sections of the cosmos, an intimate look at the planet Jupiter, or maybe an intense LSD trip. 

This video is designed to elicit an autonomous sensory meridian response, otherwise known as ASMR. The sound design is creatively interpreted.” (YouTube)

Mesmerising video of iridescent soap bubbles. Despite being so fleeting, bubbles are incredibly beautiful, and can be even more so under the right light conditions. The oily film shimmering across the surface is magnificent to behold. Onwards!

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One Response to Macro Video Of Iridescent Soap Bubbles

  1. Dr. Richard says:

    Very relaxing and ASMR-inducing bubble video…and impressive video production.

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