Communications From Elsewhere – Postmodernism

communications-from-elsewhereCommunications From Elsewhere is a blog that provides an amusing insight into the world of Postmodernism.

Each time you refresh its Postmodernism page, it randomly generates a new essay. The essay is complete bonkers, of course, but it throws around just enough jargon in just enough ways that it could perhaps make sense. Maybe.

Take, for instance, this passage from a random Postmodernism page: “But if precultural desublimation holds, we have to choose between the postsemantic paradigm of context and semioticist discourse. Debord uses the term ‘precultural desublimation’ to denote a self-referential reality.” It sounds wordy enough that it could be real, and I know I’ve read papers before where the authors think they sound smart by throwing together complicated words, when in reality all it does is detract from the point they are trying to get across. If you toss around enough big words, maybe the people reading will believe you actually know what you’re talking about.

Generate a few pages for yourself, and be amused. Onwards!

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