Australian Bank Notes Are The Best In The World

Proof that Australian bank notes are the best in the world because they are sized according to a log scale. Also, they are water-proof. I compare Australian, Canadian, UK and USA bank notes in an unbiased competition to see which is the best. My dual criteria are:
– the closest log-scale fit between the value and physical object for each note
– able to survive a being left in pocket and going through the wash” (YouTube)

Great video comparing American dollar bills, British pound notes, and Australian bank notes (with Canadian bank notes thrown in for good measure). I love the log plots and the lines of best fit. I also managed to learn some new things about the various bank notes, namely their size differences (length, width, and thickness), and their water and tear resistance.

I only have experience with UK bank notes, and have never even seen an Australian bank note in real life, so I’m biased towards favouring the UK notes, but Matt Parker makes a definite argument for the Australian notes.

I would love to have water-proof bank notes… Onwards!

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