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Suicide Squad – Trailer

Official trailer for Suicide Squad. I actually really like this, much more than the first trailer. The fact that it does a great mash up a brilliant song with the film is a plus. I also like that this doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Linkin Park – In the End (Sung By 183 Movies)

Linkin Park – In The End (Sung by 183 Movies). This is great. 183 different films are mashed together to sing Linkin Park’s “In The End“. It may not be as musical or tuneful as the original song, but it … Continue reading

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Darkest Dungeon

“There is a great horror beneath the manor. A crawling chaos that must be destroyed. The task ahead is terrible, and weakness can not be tolerated. My obsession caused this great foulness. Now, like me, you are a part of … Continue reading

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Australian Bank Notes Are The Best In The World

“Proof that Australian bank notes are the best in the world because they are sized according to a log scale. Also, they are water-proof. I compare Australian, Canadian, UK and USA bank notes in an unbiased competition to see which is … Continue reading

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Crash Test Dummies – MMM MMM MMM MMM

Crash Test Dummies – MMM MMM MMM MMM. Perhaps the most well known Crash Test Dummies song, this has a tendency to get stuck in your head, without you ever actually knowing the correct lyrics. Of course, with half the … Continue reading

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10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

A sequel to Cloverfield? Or something with the same name, but totally unrelated? 10 Cloverfield Lane has appeared from nowhere, and like most good trailers, it leaves you wanting to know more. Why are they in that bunker? Who are … Continue reading

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Oxford Dictionaries Word Of The Year 2015 – 😂

Each year, Oxford Dictionaries picks their Word of the Year, to showcase a word that has dramatically increased in usage over the year. In 2012, it was “Omnishambles“. 2013 was dedicated as the Year of the Selfie. Last year gave … Continue reading

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