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April Fools Video Prank In Math Class

This is a great April Fool’s Day video prank performed in a maths class. I won’t spoil what goes on in it, but do watch all the way through. Maybe you’ll learn how to do trigonometry correctly? Onwards! Advertisements

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Why The Media Screws Up Science: Sources

Interesting video about science in the media, focusing on sources. It’s definitely a good idea to be skeptical about pretty much everything you see and read (a bit like how you are on April Fools’ Day), and find the sources … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 Commando

Such an awesome April Fools’ Day joke from Anet! Introducing the Commando profession into a fantasy genre game. Again, this probably won’t amuse or be of any relevance to many people, but it sure made me chuckle! The fact that … Continue reading

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