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Absolutely Anything Trailer

“Absolutely Anything follows a disillusioned school teacher (Pegg) who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wishes, a challenge bestowed upon him by a group of power-crazed aliens (voiced by Cleese, Gilliam, Jones, Palin & Idle), watching … Continue reading

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Run Walter, Run! Away From Spider Dog!

Two videos which I’m sure you’ve already seen, but they both highly amused me. The first shows just the sheer enthusiasm and happiness of a dog set free to do what he loves best; in this case, run all the … Continue reading

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Cheetahs vs Greyhound In Slow Motion

I’ve showed a video of cheetahs in slow motion before, and this video by Earth Unplugged compares them to how greyhounds run. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world, but they still can’t match the top speed and precision of … Continue reading

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What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs?

What happens when engineers own dogs? They create awesome automatic ball throwing machines of awesomeness! Seems like such a simple device, but I’m sure a massive amount of time went into creating it and writing the software for it. But … Continue reading

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